Monday, 8 December 2008




1. Open to any individual who is currently enrolled on the BA (hons) Graphic Design degree at Leeds College of Art & Design (if working as part of a team, maximum team size is five individuals).

2. Typogateaux entries must be presented at 10am in studio one on Thursday 18th December.

3. On arrival you must fill in a registration card that lists the individual or teams names and the ingredients of the typogateaux.

4. Refrigeration is not available. Entries that require refrigeration after baking must indicate on the further information section of the registration card.

5. The typogateaux can be created from a bought cake that is adapted into a typographical form.

6. All typogateaux must be manufactured in a sanitary environment.

7. Judging Criteria
Inside Characteristics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 points
(Even grain, evenly baked; free from air pockets)
Outside Characteristics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 points
(Consistent shape/size/surface; overall appeal)

Come on year 2 lets rock this!

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Jimmy said...

Hey dudes. I told about our typogateaux and sent them some pictures i took of the cakes and they said they would feature them. thought you might wanna tell everyone to keep an eye out.

Here's an email i sent and recieved back.

My email...
> My name is Jimmy, I live in Leigh near Manchester, UK and in Leeds, UK when
> I am at uni. I study graphics and have found your site very useful.
> I have been signed up to the newsletter (email) for about a year now and I
> love it. Some beautiful stuff comes through.
> I just noticed the cup cakes that somebody made on the site somewhere, just
> before we broke up for christmas we were given a fun brief called
> 'typogateaux' where basically we had to produce a cake in the shape of some
> sort of glyph or letterform. I have stuck them up on my flickr. Here's the
> link,
> Feel free to use them, just please let me know if you do. We would be an
> incredibly happy group of students if you could feature them in a
> newsletter. Thank you very much and keep up the great work.
> Cheers.
> James Edmondson & chums.

Their reply...

Hey Jimmy

Will certainly mention them.
Any other type-related work?


Boo ya! How cool is that. I love the stuff they put up. we are 1st class typographers now boyos. lots of love from jimmy ed.